Family of four driven by wanderlust, the desire to unclutter life and to enjoy our time together. We are trying this new life and we don’t really know what to expect of it yet. Even after almost 3 years in.

We are:

Software Engineer, has a desk but hardly uses it. Not the same without Oreos or Green Tea. Always has a never-ending list of ideas, wishes and upgrades available. Main driver without any sense of orientation. More driving experience with RVs than cars. Night owl, dreamer, introvert at its best. Favorite Sentence: Could be worse.

Main Navigator, can memorize a map and route within seconds. Chocolate and Coffee for life. Main writer, just because she’s Type A and actually sees a to-do-list as something to-do. Night owl and book-loving introvert. Doer and planner. Favorite Sentence: I need sleep

Main Noise-maker. Only one who is really awake at 7am. Tries everything to get us out of bed, including coffee from her kitchen. Just turned four. Knows exactly how to get those cookies. A babbling tornado of all the things. Books, Music, bathtime, you name it she loves it. Favorite sentence: How does that work? Tell me the looooong story.

Youngest family member, just turned 2 years. Born on the road, the most content toddler I ever met. Hates hair cuts more than he loves food, and that says something. Cruising around on Emmi’s bike whenever nobody stops him.

We thought we were done with traveling, and then we weren’t, but we got a dog in the meantime. Toddler puppy through and through, about 80% trained but lacking the last 20%. He will chew on it, he will jump on you. Fierce protector from all kinds of dangers, including turkeys and ducks. Oh, ducks are his nemesis. Secretly thinks he’s a human but knows damn well he shouldn’t be eating from the table. Destroyer of seatbelts.

He ain’t pretty but he does the job. Was probably hoping for a relaxed retirement in Yuma but then we came along and now he’s getting beaten and abused. Is pretty on the inside, but don’t look too close. Current issues: water pump, toilet flushing and subfloor.

The best car we ever owned. Also the second car we ever owned. Tow vehicle, office, remote camping vehicle and deserves so much better than being showered in goldfish crackers and peed on by the dog (if only just the dog).