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What the hell are we doing?

    Wait, weren’t we supposed to settle down in Idaho?! Well, nobody said we’re people who stick to plans. Quite the opposite actually. ( I just realized I never actually blogged about that whole North Idaho Homestead Winter Experience Extravaganza. Maybe later) And so we are resuscitating our more-than-ever bea...


American Girl Mine and Trona Pinnacles

We were stuck in Yuma, AZ for way too long, actually since our Axle broke. But still we decided to stay at American Girl Mine just outside the city for a little longer until everything found its place in the new trailer and we felt at least remotely at home. What we actually did: Everyone got sick and we spend nights with puking fever...



After Borrego Springs everybody headed to a boondocking spot close to Yuma, about 20 miles west. Everyone except us. We were stuck in a hotel with no car or home. So when everything was settled, all our stuff brought into the trailer, all the maintenance done, we headed back into the desert. Well, by now everyone but one family has le...


New Years

We started the new year on the wrong foot. Or, to be fair, it started going downhill on day 5. That’s when we left the party at Borrego Springs and the start of a long trip. But first things first. Christmas After an awesome week at the Joshua Tree Dry Lake Bed with friends we traveled to Joshua Tree South to hang out with...


New Mexico/Arizona/Nevada

We spend one week in Albuquerque, NM and it was a roller coaster ride. Not because of Albuquerque but because of us. We made plans. And changed those plans. Made new plans. Made promises to friends. Maybe to make us keep those plans? Changed the plans again. Similar to the time we spend in Colorado. Driving down to Albuquerque was our...


What do you think about campgrounds? (Stationary vs. on-the-road)

Here we are after 9 months, with one or two principles less and a few naïve plans thrown overboard. Food budget of $400. Nevermind if I laugh. Never stay in one city for too long? Hello Stuart! Modifying Betty to make a beautiful and stylish home? Don’t even get me started on the struggles with that. And then the parents where visit...