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Wyoming (Yellowstone National Park)

  Yellowstone should have made it easy to be liked. We should’ve have been in awe, mesmerized and unwilling to leave. Instead we left after mere 48 hours without the feeling to have missed out on anything. Without even visiting the southern part of the park, where Old Faithful and the Grand Prismatic are. Basically where all...


Camping inception

Since we’re camping fulltime, going on a camping trip is somewhat weird. You’re feeling like you know what you’re doing, but you’re don’t. And it is super weird to go to a campground without your house. We were tired of the crowds of tourists. And we had a bad day. A oversleep-forget-the-camera-baby-throws-up-in-the-c...


Montana (Whitefish, Glacier National Park)

Another state we had high hopes in and were sobered up (status before heading to the south-east part). We stayed in Missoula for a night, and then in Kalispell for another to check out Whitefish. That little town seems like a facade fairyland between trailer parks and Walmart. I don’t say that this is how it is. It’s just the f...


Washington (Seattle, Olympic National Park)

After our longer-than-planned stop in southern California we pretty much sped up the coast to get to Washington and pick up our visitors. We made way more miles than normally and it felt rushed but also liberating. We were free to move at last! We stopped at Lake Shastina for a little over a week, and then Bend for maybe 10 days. L...